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Gem Tac Glue For Flatback Rhinestones, Flatback Diamantes

Gem-Tac makes its very easy to embellish clothes, jeans, jackets, dance wear, ballroom gowns, wedding dresses, costumes, purses, mobile phones, glasses, pillboxes and so much more !! Go from drab to fab with just a dab of GEM-TAC glue and the "bling" of your choice for the most exciting fashions and accessories. Perfect for adding that extra touch of glitz and glamour on denim, fabrics, leather, Great for bonding lace, fabrics, trims, and decorative wire to glass, ceramics, patent leather, wood, vinyl, and even some plastics. There is so much you can do with GEM-TAC Glue!

Gem-Tac bonds gems, sequins, glitter and Swarovski rhinestones to fabrics, glass, vinyl, metal and patent leather. This terrific multi-purpose adhesive dries crystal clear and is washable, best of all its non-toxic and non-flammable.

**Never use Super Glue or Hot Glue to set Rhinestones, as it will change the colour of the foil backing.

**Do not dry clean. (if you wish to do dry clean, using sew on stones is another option)

Gem-Tac Glue for Flatback Rhinestones

Gem-Tac Glue for Flatbacks, Rhinestones

Gem-Tac Glue for Flatbacks, Rhinestones

Gem-Tac Glue for Flatback Rhinestones

** Video used as a reference guide only**


1. whenever possible, test first on scrap materials..

2. Surfaces should be clean & free from dust.

3. Snip applicator tip 1/8th inch from the top for smallest opening.

4. Apply enough glue to cover the back of the stone and gently position with out pressure.

5. For applying glitter. spread a thin coat of glue and generously sprinkle with glitter. After glue dries, shake off excess.

6. Allow to dry 24 hours for best results.


**Gem_Tac bonds to a wide of surfaces. Please test the surfaces you want to bone to see if appropriate, especially plastic.

**When decorating non-porous surfaces such as cell phones, it's best to use rhinestones no larger than 5mm.

**Do not apply pressure when setting rhinestones.

**Tweezers are excellent tools for handling small stones.

**Keep from freezing.

**Keep covered when not in use.

**Wet glue can be cleaned with water.

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