How to use Transfer Tape with Rhinestone Pattern.


This Project Uses

1. Transfer Tape.

2. Magic Picker.

3. Rhinestones Hot Fix or Rhinestuds Non Hot Fix SS10.

4. Rhinestone Pattern.

(More Designs are available to download from our website)


Peel off transfer tape and turn the sticky side up.

For this project we will use the text design FREE. So we started with Alphabet F

Use the Magic Picker to pick up rhinestones and press on the sticky tape with a little bit pressure to help rhinestone to stick on to the tape.

The transfer Tape is very useful, you can use the transfer tape to copy any design from magazine, book by just sticking on the rhinestones by follow the design like you drawing/tracing a picture.

Here is a quick and easy rhinestone Design of your very own personalised text.

Download FREE Rhinestone Patterns.