Swarovski Sparkly Poppy

How to Make Sparkly Remembrance Day Poppies. This project is also suitable for kid's craft age 10 + Sparkly poppy kits will be available for sale on our website very soon. If you fancy to make one of these Sparkly Poppies yourself, Please see below the size of the crystals and colours used for this project.


This Project Uses.

1. Poppy

2. Magic Picker

3. Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones Non Hot Fix.

Flatback Non Hotfix Light Siam SS16 = 35 pcs, SS9 = 21 pcs
Flatback Non Hotfix Emerald or Peridot SS9 = 37 pcs
Flatback Non Hotfix Jet SS20 = 1 pcs, SS12 = 8 pcs, Total 102

4. Gem TAC Glue.