Rhinestone Transfer Motif Kit, made with Swarovski Crystals or Korean Crystals, easy to glue on mobile, tablet, clothing or any items that you wish to apply transfer with glue. Buy Transfer Motif Kit.


How to apply Non HotFix transfer motif.

Watch here step by step instructions on how to apply transfer.


   Skull Rhinestones Transfer Kit

Apply Transfer Motif Non Hotfix Instructions step by step.

1. Clean surface with alcohol or glasses cleaning wipes ensure that the surface is dry and free from greasy oily residues.

2. Peel off the white backing tape on transfer.

3. Apply glue onto the back of the stones in the right amount as shown in the picture

Apply Glue on the back of Rhinestones

4. Apply transfer motif in the position.

Apply Motif in the possition

5. Use pocket book to put on top of motif to apply weight (recommended weight about 200 - 250g) to compensate for uneven surfaces while the glue is hardening.

6. After 4 hours, check if the crystals have stuck to the surface by slowly peeling off the left side of the design, if any stones still stick to tape re-apply the glue and press the tape back to the previous position and do the same on the right side of motif and repeat step 5 and 6 again until all the stones stick to surface. (Sometimes when applying the glue it’s possible that some stones may have less glue than other stones so they do not stick to the surface properly)

7. After 24 hours, peel off the tape and do the test to make sure all stones are firmly attached by using your finger nails flicking on the stones. (not too much pressure) if any stones are loose repeat step 3,4,5,6,7