Iron on Transfer Instructions  

Preparation - Items that you will need for Ironing on your Transfer Design. 

1. Object that you wish to stick the Transfer onto

2. Transfer Motif

3. A sheet of cardboard or plain paper (To insert between the layers or inside the shirt)

4. A thin cotton (Tea Towel or Pillow Case to cover over the top of the transfer to protect the garment from Iron/heat marks) 

 Getting Started  

1)  Remove the white backing tape. Gently put the sticky side (stones facing up) onto fabric in the position you want it to be (if you are not happy with the position you can just peel off the tape to re-position) and check the design to ensure that the rhinestones are still in order, if any of the rhinestones have slightly moved just use your finger nail push them back in place.    

2)  If you are happy with the position press firmly on the design to ensure that it will not move before you press the iron onto the transfer. Prepare the iron by setting it to *Important* NO steam up to about 140 degrees or cotton (depends on the garment, jeans and thicker material might need a bit higher or longer) If the garment has multiple layers, such as a T-shirt, place a piece of cardboard or a piece of paper between the layers or inside the shirt, this will avoid the glue from melting through and sticking onto the under layers.   

**please check if fabric can be ironed on at high temperatures before ironing**   

3) Place a sheet of plain paper or thin cotton to cover over the transfer tape and pressing the iron on top to cover all the area of crystals (important, do not slide the iron) wait about 20 - 40 seconds until the glue on the back side of the stone is heated, if iron does not cover all the crystals area, repeat the process until all the area has been covered and heated up.   

4)  After 20 - 40 seconds, allow the transfer to cool and slowly peel the transfer tape off a little bit to checking that the crystals are sticking onto the garment before peeling all of the transfer tape off.   

5)  After peeling off the transfer tape, use a sheet of plain paper or thin cotton to cover over the top of the finished garment. Put the iron over the area for about 20 – 30 seconds, this will help the crystals stick better and last longer on the garment. Finally check that the stones are firmly attached when the stones are cool by flicking them with a fingernail. If any appear loose repeat this process again.  

IMPORTANT: After applying please leave for 24 hours before washing. During this period handle the fabric with care.  

To Launder 

This advice is to help with laundering hot fix Rhinestones, Rhinestuds, Dome studs garments, the components and designs are washable when properly applied. 

1. Turn the garment inside out and wash in cold or warm water (30 or 40 degree max) on a gentle cycle and if possible use a soft wash bag to protect the crystals. 

2. Wash with light weighted garments.  

Please Note: The glue is reactivated with the heat of a hot iron, always iron inside out to prevent the rhinestones from moving or falling off. Allow the garment to cool before turning back to the right side out.  

- Do not dry clean items decorated with Hot Fix crystals as the chemicals will affect the glue.


** Not recommended for leather, water resistant material and non-porous surfaces, as the glue of Hotfix crystals can only be achieved if the carrier material can absorb the glue.

Tip : Do water drop Test. A simple water drop test will indicate whether or not the fabric can be used with Hotfix Crystals, if the water did not percolate into fabric this means you need to use the Non Hotfix. However you can wash the fabric first and then try a water drop again (sometimes new fabric does not percolate water but after a wash it should be improved)

How to apply with the applicator tool, use tool to pick-up the round rhinestones, the tool will heat them until the glue begins to melt so that you can attach them to your fabric. Its quick, it' clean and its easy.